20 Casting Facts

Here's some facts about the casting of certain characters through out Home and Away's history.

Laurie Foell played Angie Russell from 2002-2003. Angie died in 2003 but after tracking down Angie's cousin Josie Russell to a brothel in Sydney in 2004 they were shocked to discover she was the spitting image of Angie. Laurie also played a prosecutor in Justine Welle's trial for manslaughter in 1999.

Kirsty/ Laura
Christie Hayes played Kirsty Sutherland from 2000-2004, when Kirsty found out that her twin sister Jade was in fact switched at birth, Kirsty ended up meeting her real (identical) twin sister Laura, also played by Christie Hayes with the aid of split screen technology.

Kip Gamblin
Kip is well known for his role of Scott Hunter from 2003-2005 but he also had a 50 worder part in 2001 as Patrick Curl, Gypsy Nash's colleague and brief love interest at TAFE.

Clarissa House
Known for playing Beth Hunter since 2003, Clarissa previously played a DOCS worker named Janice Angelo in 2000/2001 who helped to set up the Drop In Centre.

Sharyn Hodgson
Played Carly Morris/Lucini. Also played Carly's identical twin sister Samantha in 1988

Sharni Vinson
Sharni has played Cassie Turner since 2005, however she made a brief appearance in 2001 as a snobby ballet dancer in one of Jade Sutherland's dance classes.

Belinda Emmett
Played a girl named Gail in 1995 a local ferry owners daughter who was a love interest for Travis. Less than a year later she returned as the third incarnation of Rebecca Fisher, who ended up marrying Travis.

David Woodley
Best known for playing Joel Nash from 1998 to 2000, however in 1997 he played Barry - boyfriend of Finlay Roberts when she asked Irene to be a surrogate for her.

Kylie Watson
Played Shauna Bradley but also played a kiosk worker in 1997 and Isabella, a PA working for Cheeky Magazine in 1998.

Nana Coburn
Nana (daughter of Norman Coburn who played Donald Fisher) appeared as school bitch Vicki Baxter in 1989/1990. She later returned in 1995 as Lisa Matthews, a girlfriend of Dodge was helping to cover for him.

Linden Wilkinson
Played Shannon's mother Katherine Walker in 1996/1997. Returned 8 years later to play Mamma Rose, leader of 'The Believers' cult with which Tasha got involved.

Rob Steele
Played Chloe's overprotective racist father Max Richards in 1995/1996, returned to play the second incarnation of Stan/Les Smart, Colleen's estranged husband.

Maggie Kirkpatrick
The Australian Soap legend played Marilyn's aunt Jean Chambers in 1990 who told Marilyn that her parents were still alive. She returned in 2003/2004 as Vivian'The Guv' Standish, top dog in the prison Dani was sent to and former sweetheart of Alf.

Isaac Gorman
Played Riley Edwards in 2002, youngest son of Kelli who was a love interest of Alex's for a while and made cakes for the diner. In 2005 Isaac returned as Ryan Baker, Dan and Amanda's son.

Bill Charlton
Before appearing as Flynn's dad John Saunders in 2001, Bill appeared as Leo Davidson earlier in the year, grandfather of runaway girl Toni who fooled everyone into thinking she was a boy.

Doug Scroope
Best known as playing Graham Walters, father of Beth, Doug also appeared way back in 1991 as Marilyn Chamber's real father George Davidson.

Lot of Elgolaoolaloses
Sebastian Elmaloglou's (Max Sutherland) older sister is Rebekah Elmaloglou who played Sophie Simpson. They have another brother Dominic Elmaloglou who played terminally ill Sebastian Harrison in 1996. Their aunt is Dame Judi Dench.

Glaister Rent-a-Child agency
Corey Glaister who played the young Dylan Parrish is real life brother to Kelly Glaister who played rachel McGregor, Jesse's daughter.

A Third Pippa?
The role of Pippa was originally going to be played by Carol Willesee - but due to disagreements about the contract she pulled out and the role was taken over by Vanessa Downing. Carol also turned down the role when Vanessa left.

Fishing for an earlier Role
Isla Fisher (Shannon Reed) was almost cast as Angel.