20 Villians

Everyone loves a good villain and here's 20 of the best...

Felix Walters
Felix, bad boy gone Psycho. He didn't attack anybody, he didn't do anything too psycho-ish, but he was dating Sarah Lewis - the town nutjob. Felix began to grow an obsession with Dani Sutherland after she slated him in the University newspaper. He followed her around, started talking to her knowing damn well that he was making her feel uncomfortable. But one day, Felix ends up in hospital... beaten up. Then, he dies due to a Crystal Meth dose given by Sarah in an attempt to wake him up. Aww, true love!

Sarah Lewis
Where do we start? This woman was a freak gone wild. She called to Dani's door dressed in a police outfit and told her that Scott had drowned at sea. Mental? I think so. After Felix was beaten to a pulp, she went after Dani and her mates. She thought that one of them had sent Felix to hospital, little did they know, she did it. Things got worse when he died. She put poison in the air-ducts of the Surf-Club, she put acid on Dani's soap (which she deserved!), and she posed as the stripper for Noah's bucks night. She held Jesse hostage in the Surf Club, which almost ended in tragedy. Sarah eventually got caught for these silly games and was sent to a Psychiatric Hospital in the city. After a few weeks, she escaped and headed back to the bay. She found out where everybody was hiding from her, went there and held them hostage. She shot Noah, then shot herself.

Eve Jacobson/Zoe McCallister
The Summer Bay stalker's reign of terror began with a note that Summer Bay would pay, then came mystery tickets for a joy flight for Leah and her friends. What they didn't know was that the helicopter had been hijaked and it crashed in The Bush leaving its occupants fighting for survival. Marc Edwards was arrested as the culprit but the viewers were led to know that he wasn't really guilty and this was confirmed when Marc was brutally murdered and a bomb was planted at The Summer Bay Murder Mystery fundraiser. Nobody suspected bubbily Nurse Zoe McAllister and those who did were put off the scent when Zoe appeared to be the next victim, being slashed by a knife befire being seemingly kidnapped. Sally Fletcher was next to be taken and was held at an old abbatoir where Zoe was revealed to be the stalker and she attempted to kill Sally. Her plan was foiled when peter Baker, having uncovered her true identity, that of ex psyciatric nurse Eve Jacobson and one time lover of Sarah, came to Sally's rescue. The old abbatoir burst into flames as Sally and Peter escaped and Zoe was believed to have burnt to death. She later returned, determined to torment Peter. She planted a red lightbulb saying 'tick tock' in Sally's house, sent a video depicting Peter's death to Jack and Martha's engagement and led Peter on a wild goose chase of pretend bombs. She was cornered at the old abbatoir and arrested but escaped and turned up at Jack and Martha's wedding with detective Tracey Thompson as her 'hostage'. It turned out Tracey was her acomplice and an unwitting wautress with a cake entered the room and ignited the gas that Sally had smelt causing an explosion in which Tracey and Zoe were the only victims.

Corey Henderson
Puppy face Corey came to the bay as the new cop. He fell in love with Martha and after a spate of burglaries, moved in with Irene to help her feel safe. Irene began to show signs of losing her mind though and eventually her behaviour became so bad that her loved ones had her committed to a mental institute, despite her protests that somebody was trying to poison her. Having made the decision to leave the Bay with Martha, Corey sent Irene a box of chocolates and drove off but a suspicious Jack had been doing some digging into Corey's background. He discovered that Corey's father had been convicted by a Jury on which Irene had served and that several other Jurors had had things happen to them. Racing to the hospital he was in time to prevent Irene eating the chocolates and then headed to rescue damsel in distress Martha. By this point Martha had realized she was in danger and super hero Jack arrived in the nick of time to save her.

Dodge Forbes was Pippa's first and only non-success story. He was first seen in the bay when he claimed he didn't have enough money to pay for food from Celia's store. She let him off but he later stole from The Diner and Bobby and attempted to steal Lance's car. Lance caught him in the act and Dodge admitted he was broke and homeless so Lance offered him a place to stay. He continued to cause mischief though, stealing money from the school dance and pills from Dr Phil's bag but Celia caught him and handed him over to the cops.
He turned up a week or so later as Tom and Pippa's latest foster child. He instantly rubbed Sally up the wrong way with his arrogance and continuous flouting of the rules but he did start a friendship with Steven, helping him plot revenge on Roo's boyfriend Simon by setting Morag's house on fire and dropping Simon's necklace there. Part way through Steven chickened out and they left Morag's house stinking of gosoline but never lit the fire. He continued leading Steven astray and tormenting Sally, the only person to see through him. He tormented new youth counsellor Celia first by terrifying her and then by pretending he needed help with imaginary problems. He stole from Alf's store and talked a reluctant Steven in to giving him an alibi and was responsible for tormenting Sally into admitting that Milko was made up. He left her to drown but saved her st the lst minute, stole a car asnd let Steven take the blame. One night he got drunk and confessed to Adam that he had started the fire in which Steven's uncle had been killed. Steven chased him and went to punch him but stopped short and when Fisher turned up Dodge was arrested. In interview he tried to make excuses and blame everyone else but his police record quickly showed him to be nothing more than a brutal thug. He was arrested for murder and an angry Pippa burnt all his belongings.He returned again years later after murdering irene's abusive ex husband and faked his own death to frame Steven. He eventually took Kelly hostage and tormented Steven into coming after her. They fought on a clifftop and both went over the edge. Steven was rescued but Dodge's body was never found.

Eve Smith
Eve was mentioned numerous times before she arrived by her son Nick who repeatedly used her in his battle against Ken's new girlfriend Irene. Strange things began happening to Irene, she was almost run over by a mysterious car and Ken began to do some digging. He found out that Nick had been seeing his mentally unstable mother and that she was after Irene. He attempted to warn Irene but Eve got there first. She held Irene hostage and played mind games with her, tormenting her before eventually threatening to beat her up. Nick arrived in time to defend Irene and saw Eve for whatr she was. When Ken arrived she was admitted to a psyciatric institute.

Matilda was going through a rebellious stagel, thinking she wasn't cool enough or pretty enough and bad boy Callan began paying her attention. She hung around with him despite her friends and family warning her off. Callan took her to a party and spiked her drink. Ric, who had known Callan from the City and knew he had once drug raped a girl, raced to Matilda's rescue but she managed to get free of her own accord. Ric caught up with Callan and hit him, threatening to expose his past if he didn't leave the Bay. Callan was never seen again.

Scott Phillips
Scott Phillips was first seen in the Bay when he and brother Kane were involved in a number of escapdes. Scott beat Kane up and forced Kane to frame Jude Lawson for the beating. Shauna, who Kane had a soft spot for, managed to get Kane to reveal the truth and Scott was furious and kidnapped Shauna. He held her hostage but with Kane's help she escaped and Scott was arrested. In 2003 he committed an armed robbery with kane that Tasha witnessed and turned up in The Bay to get the money of kane wjo was stashing it. He didn't know that the money had been destroyed in a drop in centre fire and attempted another break in at The Doctor's Surgery, knocking flynn out. He then saw Tasha and fearing she'd identify him, packed her into the boot of his car. He was caught and arrested. He turned up again in 2005 when Kane asked for his help at his trial for the robbery his father had set him up for. Scott agreed to testify in Kane's defence but actually gave evidence against him. Assumedly Scott still resides at her majesty's pleasure.

Robert Perez
Robert was somebody Joel had blown the whistle on his his past job with the Hong Kong Police Force. He returned wanting revenge on The Nashes and in the season finale took Gypsy hostage. The season return was set many weeks later and it was clear that Gypsy had been held for a long time. She eventually got away but was badly shaken by her ordeal. Robert though was not finiushed with The Nash's and took Joel into the Bush, leaving him for dead before setting fire to the Nash house with Natalie, Tom and Gypsy in it. Joel came round and raced to the scene in time to rescue his family and Robert was arrested. He returned months later when Duncan found some money belonging to him and he held Ailsa and Duncan hostage. The chase that followed left Robert hanging off the edge of a cliff and Joel had to decide whether or not to save him. He helped him and Robert returned to prison in Joel's debt.

Brad Cooper
When Chloe was raped she went for counselling with Brad Cooper to help her overcome her trauma. She was relieved when a man was arrested for her attack and her father Max shot him dead but she was shaken to be told that it was the wrong man and her real attacker was still out there. Brad suggested some time away in a log cabin retreat and Chloe agreed to go away with him to get away from things. Once there though she came to the realisation that Brad was her attacker and that he had taken sick pleasure in listening to her talk about it. Chloe ran off into the woods and found it littered with animal traps. Using herself as bait she lured Brad to a trap and the season ended with him writhing in agony trapped by his leg. Chloe left him to die but the police found him in the season return and took him to hospital where his leg was amputated and he was arested. Months later Chloe returned home to find the Beach House littered with traps and received a video of her aslepp.

Joey Rainbow
Joey was Saul's son. He left the commune to pursue an education and a more conventional life. He was a good kid. However, there was a period when he wanted to harm Irene. It turned out he was schizophrenic and had been having delusions that his father was telling him to hurt Irene. When he wasn't ill and being nasty he was a grade A student and a bit of a good guy. (Boring in other words!)He left the bay to tour around giving talks on mental illness and to further understanding of schizophrenia. OK, maybe not a villian in the whole sense of this thread, but to think he almost took Irene away from us.

As people like Hamish, Rocco, Felix and Joey Rainbow seem to have shown above, giving your offspring stupid names seems to have been a sure fire way to ensure that they went off the rails and caused all manner of destruction in the bay. Troubled teen Diesel stayed with Sally not long after he arrived in the bay. But she didn't know that he was getting obsessed with her. All this came to a head when Sally and Baby Pippa were held hostage in their own house by Diesel. It was clear that he had issues. Bless him.

Mumma Rose
A seaside town isn't complete without a cult. And this cult was one of the worst ones out there. Momma Rose seemed to live in one cardigan throughout her time on the show. She was obsessed with Tasha and with some prophecy, about which we heard a great deal of waffle, but no detail. She persuaded her son to drug and impregnate Tasha resulting in the birth of Tasha's baby Ella. In Momma Rose's eyes baby Ella was destined to save The Believers and to lead them to enlightenment. She kidnapped Ella, but Tasha pushed Momma Rose out of the window in order to rescue her baby. Sadly she did not let Momma Rose go, though Tasha conceded that the temptation to do so was great. Momma Rose is now a resident at the Summer Bay wing of the Ryfton Lakes Psych Unit.

Gary Samuels
Gary's first appearance in the bay was not a good one when he was accused by Carly of being her rapist. Gary's brother Jeff gave him an alibi but Carly remained convinced he was her attacker and attempted to get a taped confession from him. He threatened her on tape but when she took it to the poilce she was told that taping was illegal. Gary was taken in for questioning and at the same time in the city a man who very much resembled Gary was arrested for rape. Gary got an apology from Carly when she realized it might not have been him who attacked her. A telephone conversation revealed that though not the rapist, he had been doing dodgy business in the city and planned to continue it in the Bay. He stole a safe key from Stacey's secatary and hid it before asking Alison out for dinner. Telling Alison he was psycic and guessing her phone number after looking at it earlier he attempted to guess the safe combination in order to trick Alison into telling him it. His plan worked! He broke in to the safe and stole Stacey's cheque book and a copy of her signature before sending it off to a friend in the city. Stacey began her own detective work when she became very suspicious of him. Gary still did some dodgy things, he organised burglaries and the like. Stacey and Phil continued investigating him and found evidence that suggested he was responsible for a car accident in which his parents were killed. When Gary was confronted by them, he admitted that it was an accident and met them on a high cliff before jumping off. It was revealed that he hadn't jumped but was playing games with them. He went to the papers with the truth about his parents, making Stacey and Phil look bad. He dumped Carly and attempted to scam Lance but was found out.. Gary was pushed off a cliff and the residents were questioned. It was revealed that Carly was on the cliff with Gary. We found out that he committed suicide and tried to frame her for pushing him. His plan failed when his old friend Brad came to light and admitted everything Gary had done and his scheme to frame Carly.

Angie Russell
Angie Russell first hit our screens towards the end of 2002. Was it really five years ago? She arrived as the new deputy principal at Summer Bay High School. Not long afterwards along came her teenage son Dylan who promptly fell in love with Kirsty Sutherland the daughter of her old High School sweet heart Rhys rubber lips Sutherland. Needless to say this caused all sorts of problems as Angie firmly believed old rubber lips to be Dylan's father. As it turned out she was as deluded about this as she was about everything else. Angie caused mayhem in the bay. She had no morals, and manipulated anyone who stood in the way of what she wanted. Fisher's office was set on fire, Scot's boat shed burnt down, and some guy whose name completely escapes me also turned up dead when she was around. She hid Sally's OCD pills to try and ensure that Sally looked bad in front of the school inspectors; she manipulated "friends" at the department to get what she wanted. She had an affair with a pupil at her previous school and when he turned up she rejected him and he ended up in a psych unit. She had an affair with Jesse and aborted his child. She screwed royally with Nick Smith's head because he had argued with her son Dylan, and falsely accused Nick of assaulting her. Nick was taken to court and found guilty before Nick, Seb, Jade and Kirsty presented their J'Accuse tape and the truth was finally told.

Saul last appeared in 1999 as a ghost. Prior to that he had been shot dead in 1997 by policewoman Terri Garner. Saul had appeared several times over the years. He inveigled Selina into a cult commune when she was at her lowest after the miscarriage of her baby girl, Maddie. Although not explicit it was also clear he had sexual designs on Selina, and it appeared that he had a number of partners by whom he had children. He was the father of Joey Rainbow, who had left the commune in pursuit of an education. Saul and Irene went head to head as Irene supported Joey in his endeavours. Saul blamed Irene for what he saw as Joey's desertion of the commune and betrayal of his beliefs. Saul got his revenge when he kidnapped Irene's newborn baby Paul, the surrogate baby she had carried for her daughter Finlay. The baby turned up almost a year later, when the girl to whom Saul had entrusted the baby, Paul, had a crises of conscience and left him at the local church. Saul also kidnapped Selina on the day of her planned wedding to Steven. Even when he appeared as ghost he was trying to get his revenge on Irene. Saul was one of those chilling characters who was played in an understated and spine chilling fashion by David Ritchie who had the uncanny ability of scaring the heeby jeebies out of you just by raising an eyebrow or just walking into a room. He made Mumma Rose look like a tooth fairy

Kelli Vale
Kelli first appeared on the night of Belle's kidnapping, wich she had organised. A few years earlier Kelli and Amanda had been in a serious car accident. Amanda walked out without a scratch but Kelli didnt, she had serious burns and was scarred physically and mentally. She was in and out of hospital for a long time. Amanda was the one driving that night and Kelli held her responsible for her burns. She didn't come to Summer Bay for a social visit she was back for revenge! Kelli managed to feed on peter's jealousy and split them up before convincing him to propose to Amanda. She later engineered for amanda's car to break down and Ethan arrived in time to help fix it. A few nights later after a row with Peter Amanda got drunk and was convinced by Ethan that she had slept with him. Using pictures as evidence he blackmailed her into stealing drugs from the hospital. When she met Ethan to give him the drugs Kelli went to and when Ethan spotted Kelli he chased them and the car hit him. Kelli told Amanda he was dead and convinced her to keep quiet. Ethan kpt appearing and amanda, thinking she was going crazy, tried to turn herself in only for Kelli to emotionally blackmail her into keeping quiet. She pasid their mother Kitty to leave town and destroyed Amanda's wedding before spiking amanda's drink and causing her to crash her car with Ryan inside. Dan announced she would no longer be allowed custody and Belle turned against her mother when she failed to curb her drinking. Belle began to get suspicious though and when she drank a drink spiked for Amanda and came round in hospital she persudaed Peter that Kelli was behind everything. Meanwhile Amanda had figured out what was going on and set off in her car woith kelli cahsing her. Kelli eventually forced Amanda off the road and left her in the burning car. The car exploded but Amanda had managed to escape and kelli was arrested.

Johnny Cooper
A gang leader with enormous cunning who thrived on adrenalin and with a warped sense of what family and belonging means, he killed his own brother rather than let him leave the gang/family and be happy elsewhere. don't recall them doing a "gang" storyline before this, so it was quite a novelty to see Johnny and his gang in the diner, and to see the locals frightened by their menacing presence. Johnny was doubly effective as a villain because even when he was not on screen you know he was around. He robbed Amanda's mansion, he got drugs planted on Brad, and he even beat up his own brother to try and manipulate the locals, before he eventually arranged for him to be killed. He bribed the screws at the local jail to ensure he got access to Ric, but at the eleventh hour Ric was sprung from jail when those very bright cops (that was me being sarcastic) at Summer Bay police station finally realized what was going down. We last saw Johnny as Ric left the prison a free man, with Johnny behind bars, still labouring under the delusion that the gang and all that that entailed, was the most important thing in the world. Poor Poor Johnny.

Shane Deeks
When Sam opened up to Jack about her 'real' identity, she told him about why she had to go under a false name. Shane, her ex, had killed someone right in front of a horrified Sam. He had also been dealing some drugs to fund money to help get the treatment for their ill daughter, Jess. Sam reported him to the police, so he was sent to prison. Ever since then, Shane had various henchmen who were told to find her, which is one of the reasons why Sam had to move from house to house all of the time.
The only time Shane was ever actually seen on screen, was shortly after Sam and Rory returned to the Bay. Shane's dad had died so he got day release to go to his funeral which he absconded. Rory was kidnapped by Shane and put into the back of his van. A police pursuit got underway when Jack chased after Shane. After many skids and turns, Shane's van flew off the road in a spectacular crash scene, which killed him. It was found out that Rory wasn't in the van at the time. From then on, Sam and Rory have been free from Shane and his henchmen. Happy Days!

Charlie McKinnon
What would you call a guy who idolizes you, beats people up for you, breaks into your business after hours to wear your clothes, and even wants to smell like you? You'd probably call him a stalker, but since Zoe McCallister already claimed that title, we'll just call him Charlie. Charlie McKinnon's obsession with Kim was never clearly defined. Whether it was innocent friendship he was seeking or romantic bliss, he wasn't about to let anyone get in the way of it. He murdered his own grandmother and kidnapped Kim's girlfriend. He even held Rachel hostage at the Gymn (which could have gone a lot differently if Home and Away had a higher rating), all in the belief that he and Kim would somehow be granted the ambiguous title of "mates forever." Unfortunately, Charlie's feelings were unrequited and he ended up with a one-way ticket to the Ryfton Lakes psych ward, which must by now be overflowing with Summer Bay psycho's, in fact they have probably had to build a new wing to accommodate them all. Charlie was never seen again.