Behind the Scenes - 16th October 2007

It's Tuesday 16th October and the crew are back in Palm Beach filming scenes for what is presumably Block 915. BTTB caught up with them at around 4pm, as they prepared to shoot into the evening....

Today was quite a special day, as it was time to shoot Lucas' final scene. Bevan Lee has previously told BTTB that following Rhys Wakefield's decision to leave, Lucas will be heading off to University. In a very 'old school' style scene, Tony and Maddie drop Lucas off at the Bus Stop outside the Surf Club. Though this is the final scene for Lucas, Rhys still has another week of filming interior scenes.

As always, the director first blocks through the scenes with Rhys, Jon Sivewright, Indiana Evans and the crew, to work out timings and movements, followed by a couple of rehearsals on camera, and finally they shoot it. In this scene, Tony and Maddie drive Lucas to the bus stop, he tells them that they can head off, and they say their goodbyes. Lucas sits down on the bench next to Dom, who is off somewhere in his best suit. Tony toots the horn as he leaves, Lucas looks deep in thought as they drive away, reflecting on his life in the bay, and what lays ahead of him.

bts_07_10_16.jpgbts_07_10_16 (1).jpg

bts_07_10_16 (2).jpg
bts_07_10_16 (3).jpg

Jess and Bobby arrive at location, and after a quick costume change for Sam North, its on to filming the next scene, a small encounter between Dom, Drew and Belle.

bts_07_10_16 (4).jpgbts_07_10_16 (5).jpg

bts_07_10_16 (6).jpg

It's now approaching 6pm and after unpacking the lighting equipment, ready for the night shoot, the cast and crew break for dinner. By the time the crew return, night is falling and its time to set up the lighting. A large flood is set up away from the Surf Club in order to provide a slight fill-in light, and also to illuminate the area between the set and the trucks. Another light with an orange gel is set up in the Surf Club, to give the illusion that light from the building is illuminating the walkway down to the beach. Strings of lights are also hung up over the outdoor seating area of the Surf Club in order to create a nice party atmosphere, of course providing much needed light for the filming occuring there later. Finally the main key and fill lights are set up amongst the grass and positioned accordingly for each scene.

bts_07_10_16 (7).jpgbts_07_10_16 (8).jpg

First up is Jon, who films a scene where he is talking to Lucas on his mobile, asking whether he has settled into his new home ok. He then wanders along the beach before seeing a collapsed Annie slumped down the walkway....what is wrong with her? You'll have to wait and see....

N.B. Apologies for the poorer quality of the following pictures. Due to obvious reasons, a flash cannot be used whilst they are filming. Therefore, the film speed has had to be raised to 1600 and shutter speed lowered, resulting in grainy and, with the absence of a tripod, sometimes blurry pictures.
bts_07_10_16 (9).jpgbts_07_10_16 (10).jpg

Once that is scene is over, Jon and Charlotte are finished for the day. Now it's time to move to the seating area outside the Surf Club kiosk, where many extras are shivering under their big coats before whipping them off to show the warm world of Summer Bay. Real life housemates Lincoln and Todd (Geoff and Aden), arrive on set to talk through the final scene of the day with the Director.

bts_07_10_16 (11).jpgbts_07_10_16 (12).jpg

The scene involves Geoff approaching Aden and talking to him, before they shake hands.  All seems well until Geoff walks away and Aden shouts after him, words which visibly shock Geoff....

bts_07_10_16 (13).jpgbts_07_10_16 (14).jpg

And that's a wrap for the day! Check back soon for the next installment of BTTB's Behind the Scenes Diary!