Behind the Scenes - 22nd October 2007

Monday 22nd October and the cast and crew have an extremely early start at Palm Beach - Cornelia Frances and Indiana Evan's call time is 6:30am, and by the time I head down there the first few scenes have been completed, and Indiana and Cornelia have headed back to the studio. We join the crew at around 11:30am where they are filming scenes for Episodes 4577 and 4578, to be shown in Week 4 of 2008....

Charlotte Best has a full day ahead of her at Palm Beach, in quite a shocking storyline for young Annie. The drama begins where Annie steals a bottle of Scotch from the ute of the Surf Club delivery guy and heads down to the beach...

bts_07_10_22.jpgbts_07_10_22 (1).jpg

Needless to say, Annie is fairly lightweight, and passes out on the beach, only to be found by Aden who tries to bring her around.

bts_07_10_22 (2).jpg
bts_07_10_22 (3).jpg

Aden realises she's completely smashed, and in a pretty bad way, so tries to help Annie up to the Surf Club. However whilst he's walking her up, she ends back up on the ground - just as Geoff and Tony happen to walk by looking for her. It only takes a second to see Annie slumped on the ground with Aden's arms around her, for them to run down and drag him off her.

bts_07_10_22 (4).jpgbts_07_10_22 (5).jpg

Tony and Geoff take Annie up to the Surf Club for help, Charlotte doing a fantastic job of not giggling at what just happened. The director (this week Geoffrey Nottage) shouts 'Cut' and Charlotte is able to have a laugh about the fact that Lincoln accidentally kicked a load of sand into their faces.

bts_07_10_22 (6).jpg
bts_07_10_22 (7).jpg

Once that scene is complete, the magic word is shouted that makes every cast and crew member scatter - 'Lunch'. An hour later and they are setting up for the next scene - Jack's Police Car was once again in the car park the whole time in disguise, and over the lunch break has been kitted out.

bts_07_10_22 (8).jpgbts_07_10_22 (9).jpg

A NSW Ambulance arrives, and so does Amy Mathews....but the crew can't seem to find Rachel's car...."What car does Dr Rachel drive?"; "A grey Saab"; "Is it here?"; "Nope"; "Did we order it?"; "Nope"; "Oh....****" In the end they have to make do with Rachel appearing from the other side of the bushes rather than driving in as planned.

bts_07_10_22 (10).jpgbts_07_10_22 (11).jpg

Charlotte hops onto the trolley and they rehearse the scene. Jack has been called in order to question Aden about the situation, following which Annie is brought out from the Surf Club. Rachel arrives and tries to reassure the guys, just before Annie vomits over the side of the trolley.

bts_07_10_22 (12).jpgbts_07_10_22 (13).jpg

The scene is ready to be filmed and the director shouts to find out who has the vomit, Paul O'Brien comments that he could give them some if needed. After around 6 takes the scene is finally completed.

bts_07_10_22 (14).jpgbts_07_10_22 (15).jpg

And with that scene finished, that's a wrap for the day! Check back soon for our next entry of our Behind the Scenes diary - where we can exclusively reveal a very shocking secret.....which major character has died?!