Behind the Scenes - 31st October 2007

Following on from our last installment, we bring you more exclusive pictures from the filming of Block 917 (episodes 4581-4585), airing this week in Australia. Click photos to enlarge.


We join the crew at 11am on Station Beach, with a scene being filmed for episode 4582, which follows on to the beginning of 4583. Paul O'Brien (Jack) and Jack Rickard (Rory) are walking along the beach, having a little game of footie, when Rory sees Annie walking along the pier. He shouts out to her but she is lost in her thoughts, Rory is a little perplexed before Jack explains to him that Annie has a lot of things going on at the moment.


This scene takes quite a while to film, and once it is over the cast and crew go for their lunch break, Paul and Jack taking a couple of minutes to talk to fans and have their picture taken with a certain BTTB Librarian. During lunch the weather clouds over somewhat. Once lunch is over, Charlotte Best (Annie) films the scene that precedes Jack and Rory's, with Annie and Aden (Todd Lasance) talking on the end of the pier



Cornelia Frances (Morag) arrives to film a scene with Charlotte, one where Morag tries to convince Annie to tell the truth about what happened with Aden before its too late and she gets into serious trouble. After several rehearsals and takes have already been shot, the crew realise that the fine lines in Morag's top are causing severe flickering on camera, so Cornelia has to go to the warbrobe truck and change before returning and filming the scene again.



By this time it has started to rain, and Charlotte has one final scene to film. Roman and Annie have a little chat whilst sheltering from the rain under a tree. Once this is done, Charlotte and Conrad are free to go.

Next up is the return scene of Amanda Vale and her son Ryan. Holly Brisley and Isaac Gorman arrive on location and start running through the scene with director Mark Piper. Isaac has recently broken his leg in a football match, however the plaster cast is being removed the next day and so does not cause too much of a problem for the crew. In this scene they just make sure that Ryan's feet aren't seen.



Mark continues to run Holly and Isaac through the technically complicated scene. Isaac has a question to ask Mark, and when its shouted from a few metres away its certainly not what you'd expect to hear "Do I know my dad's dead yet?"  A couple of seconds later a few Irish fans make the connection as to who Ryan's dad is, and are visibly shocked to learn that Dan is dead.

The first part of the scene involves Holly driving around the corner and then parking up - during this it is important for the camera crew to not reveal who is in the car. Then in the second part of the scene, Holly must simply drive the car into the parking bay, before stepping out. The scene is very much the typical H&A return scene for a glamorous lady - the dolly forward to the car door, the closeup of the high heels getting out the car, and slow tilt up the legs to reveal Amanda. She looks around in dismay, looking over to Ryan who has also stepped out the car "Here we are.....back again....Summer Bay...."



The scene takes a very long time to get right, what with all the camera movements involved. Once it is over Holly is relieved, and gives a high five to Isaac. The crew are now finished for the day too. Check back soon for the next installment of Behind the Scenes pictures!