Jack's Police Files

Jack Holden's skills as a cop came under intense scrutiny from members in his three years of Summer Bay policing, perhaps more so than any other cop in the history of the show. Whether it was his inability to stay impartial when it came to Martha or whether it was some feeling that he spent too much time sitting down at his desk instead of actively getting out and fighting the baddies - it's all been said. But while the general concenseous may be that Jack was mediocre in his job, that doesn't mean he didn't have moments where he could've been worthy of at least a background scene in The Bill.

Here we've picked out his defining moments as a Constable, whether he was in uniform or not. Bombs, poison, arrests, robberies - it's all here. Oh and Martha.

Jack rescues Irene and Martha after discovering the truth about Corey 


When it emerged that Corey had laced chocolates for Irene with deadly poison, the hunt was on to not only catch him but to get to Irene before it was too late. Jack arrived just in the nick of time and saved Irene from possible tragedy, but Corey was still on the loose with Martha. Corey knew Jack was getting suss, but had to pretend to be normal around girlfriend Martha, so decided to take her on a picnic in the middle of the bush. He wasn't able to keep up the act for long, however, as Martha discovered mercury in his bag whilst looking for a wine bottle. She was able to phone Jack briefly but was grabbed by Corey. With the sound of sirens in the distance, Martha knew help was on the way but a struggle ensued and she was almost caught on some barbed wire. She was able to use this to her advantage, however, and trapped Corey until Jack came to the rescue. When they returned to where Corey was, they discovered he'd escaped and was on the loose again. He then grabbed Martha and put her in a headlock before threatening to harm her if Jack didn't put his gun down. Following his demands, Jack threw the gun as far as could, giving Martha an opportunity to escape from Corey's clutches. Jack was then able to handcuff Corey and take him down the station.


Jack brings Jonah in for questioning


With Martha having been drugged and a girl called Rebecca also suspected to have been drugged, Jonah was brought in for questioning. He remained positive that he had done nothing wrong and things soon turned personal when he insisted that Martha was lying and that Jack was getting upset because she was his girlfriend. Jack then lept out of his chair and into a scuffle with Jonah before saying "You mongrel! You're nothing but a crim hiding behind a load of hippy rubbish!". Embarrisingly for a cop, Sergeant McGrath had to ask him to go out.


Jack sneaks out to investigate Peter's shed


Becoming increasingly suspicious of Peter, Jack was adiment that something was not right and that he should follow him to discover the truth. He decided to trust his instincts, and followed Peter to a shipping container (which we knew was being used as a base for all things stalker-related). Martha was with him at the time and didn't feel comfortable staying, so they went home. But, even though he'd promised not to, Jack couldn't resist going to the shed again later. It turned out to be a bad decision, however, with Jack being knocked unconscious - by Peter!


Jack discovers that Zoe is still alive


As if Summer Bay wasn't dodgy enough outside of the station, inside it appeared Jack was getting apprehensive of fellow cop Detective Baker after he found out that Zoe MCallister, or Eve Jacobson, wasn't the one to die in the explosion in 2005. After finding himself in a house full of newspaper clippings about the stalker, Jack then had no doubts that Peter knew something fishy was going on and got him to explain the story of who really did die in the explosion.


Jack arrives at the old factory looking for Peter and Zoe


One of Jack's most terryfing moments must have been this. After discovering an email including the infamous calling card 'Tick Tock', Jack rushed to the old abbatoir and was left at the mercy of Zoe, who was close to dangling him off of the edge of a flight of stairs. It was only when Tracey Thomson and other police arrived that Jack was safe and reunited with Martha, who had been busy wedding-planning all day.


Jack is a part of the drug raid at the Rocket Club

With Jack suspicious of the seedy dealings going on in the Rocket Club, he arranged for a drug raid to take place. He had previously organized for someone to plant drugs in Cam's bag and was dissapointed when the police arrived and only found drugs stashed in Martha's bag.


Jack saves Martha from the fire at the Rocket Club


When Cam Reynolds found himself surrounded by debt, he decided to sign the Rocket Club over to the loan sharks and later set the place alight with fuel, not knowing that Martha was still in the building. This paved the way for possibly the hottest moment ever between Jack and Martha when Jack played hero and braved the smoke and fire to rescue her from a burning Rocket Club.


Jack saves Rory after he was abducted by Shane


Sticking on the theme of Jack saving people...

When Sam's son Rory went missing after being bundled into a car by a mystery woman, a frantic search ensued. His dad Shane had absconded from custody and the woman was revealed to be his accomplice. Jack and Lara took the cop car and Jack wasn't afraid of putting his foot down to find the boy that he loved like a son. After a rough and very wet time searching for him, Rory was found safe and well.


Jack is outside the bank when the message about a robbery comes through


When Jack and his partner on duty George Watson received a radio call detailing a robbery, they were suprised to find themselves just over the road from the place in question. Or at least Jack was suprised. Inside the bank Martha was shocked to discover George was in on the robbery and upon returning outside, Jack was horrified when George shot the other robber right in front of him. George then turned the gun on Jack and shot him in the chest, leaving him in a coma for days.


Jack arrests Roman


Having seen Roman hugging Martha earlier in the day, Jack placed a fine on him for unpacking things from an illegally parked van. Even though the van wasn't his, Jack still took matters into his own hands and even charged Roman with assaulting a police officer when he grabbed his hand. Later on at the station Jack admitted that he reacted like that because Martha had been been standoff-ish. Charlie then suggested that Jack should be more professional.


Jack arrives in the nick of time and saves both Belle and Angelo


When an unknown man broke into Angelo's place and aimed his gun at Angelo and Belle, things looked set to get nasty. But Jack arrived to the rescue just seconds before tragedy looked imminent and tackled the man down before he could do any more harm.


Jack follows Angelo to the development site


Following weeks of suspicious goings on, Jack was convinced Angelo was up to something dodgy at the development site and decided to follow him on the night of the school formal. Watching from behind the bushes, he quitely observed as Angelo walked around the site. Hearing two gun shots, Angelo became more spooked and turned around to fire his gun twice, killing Jack instantly.