The Jack & Martha Rollercoaster

During his time in the Bay, Jack's main focus was his on-off relationship with Martha.  Despite finally developing a stable marrriage in recent times, they have had more ups and downs than a big dipper!  We take a closer look at the key events that shaped their relationship in the past 3 years.


Martha calls him a jerk when he asks them to turn the music down at Robbie and Tasha's house party

Jack pulls Martha over for speeding and introduces himself

Martha watches Jack move in next door to The Hunters

Martha finds out Jack's secret and whips up a public frenzy against him

Martha was forced to apologise after hearing Jack's side

Jack flirted and eventually asked her out only for her to tell him: "I'd rather listen to 'my heart will go on', on repeat than go on a date with you."

Jack conned Martha into a nudie run after rigging a game of pool

Jack won a drinking competition with Martha

Martha's attempt at revenge backfired when Jack fell on seeing the fake spider she had planted and damaged his head

Jack was pleased when a guilty Martha came to visit him in hospital but refused to have anything to do with her when she admitted she was responsible for nearly costing him his career


She tried to win him back onside

Jack relented as long as she jumped off a cliff but as she prepared to jump he stopped her and kissed her

Jack lied to return to work and Martha confronted him

They split when Martha realised he hadn't forgiven her for the spider joke

Jack gives his permission for Corey to ask her out, despite his obvious jealousy

Jack finally admitted he still liked her but Martha told him it was too late

Jack warns Corey off Martha leading to her deciding to leave for the city with him

Jack comes to her rescue when Corey showed his true colours

Jack comforted her and urged her to confront Corey

After flirting at Noah's christening, they shared a kiss, reuniting

Their relationship grew stronger and they celebrated Martha's birthday at a party at jack's house

Jack recruited Tasha and Robbie to help him propose by lying that he was against marriage

It backfired when Martha almost dumped him

A pep talk from Tasha saw Martha propose to him


They decided to bring their wedding forward

They married in a fairytale ceremony


Their wedding reception was crashed by Zoe leaving Jack fighting for his life


Jack recovers but Martha is missing in the bush and Jack grows closer to Tasha

Martha is found and Tasha and Jack got back on level footing

They rowed over Jack working too hard, skipping their honeymoon, etc


Martha moved out

While Jack was in hospital, Martha donated blood to help him but admitted she no longer loved him

Ash and Martha spent the night together and Jack admitted his marriage was over


Jack started seeing Sam and moved on to family life with her and Rory

Jack is the one Martha turns to after Ash is revealed to be married and she aborted her baby

Sam fled the bay leaving Jack single, just as Martha started dating Cam

Jack was there for her when things with Cam went badly, even withholding evidence to save her from a charge


Jack had hopes of a reunion but Martha told him she wanted to stay friends

Jack and Martha went on a date but Jack went into cop mode and abandoned Martha leaving her furious

His apology proved to Martha just how little he knew about her

They spent a day skinny dipping together as friends and the old spark was there


In Noah's, Jack found the divorce papers and angrily convinced her he wanted a divorce

Thinking it's what the other wanted, they signed the divorce papers

Jack was presumed missing in a storm and Martha binned the papers, resolving to tell him how she felt

Only to find he was back with Sam

Jack broke off his friendship with Martha at Sam's request

After realising the divorce had never gone through Jack became adamant that they get it done

They're ordered to marriage counselling and Dan refuses to pass the divorce saying they have unresolved issues

Jack confides in Martha that he loves her but they don't work so Martha hurries through the papers for him


After being shot in a bank robbery Jack was in a coma and only came out of it when Martha came to visit


Having lost his memory he believed he was still in love with Martha but Martha was now with Michael

Martha told him she didn't think he should marry Sam and Rory overheard leading to Sam banning her from the wedding

Martha was attacked by the hospital stalker and Jack refused to leave her side

Sam gave him an ultimatum and Jack and Martha shared a secret kiss

Having been held up by Rory, Jack was late meeting Martha who believed he had chosen Sam and decided to leave the bay with Michael

Jack is banned by Michael from their leaving do

Martha returns to town but Tony convinces her to let Jack go

Jack marries Sam despite Martha's last minute arrival at the church


Martha admitted to Lucas and Matilda that she still loved Jack

She decides to move on and asks Roman out

She and Roman grow closer

Jack's marriage to Sam comes to a halt when her lies are revealed

Martha and Jack are both suspects when Sam is found dead

Roman frees Martha to be with Jack

Jack and Martha reunite


Family and friends are unsupportive of their reunion in the wake of Sam's death

Jack and Martha get engaged for the second time and celebrate with friends and family


Martha finds out she is pregnant but doesn't know who the dad is

Roman agrees to back off and Jack is delighted to realise he's to be a father


With Roman putting the pressure on, Martha agrees to a paternity test

Jack finds out

Martha finds a lump in her breast and she and Jack work things out

He is by her side when she finds out she has cancer


He can't support her decision to keep the baby and not have chemo

They do the paternity test and it reveals the baby is Roman's

Martha has a masectomy and pushes Jack away


Jack and Martha remarry in the hospital grounds


Martha collapses and loses the baby

Jack supports her at the service for Lindsay and during her chemo


Martha is upset to realise the bay might have caused her cancer and Jack fails to support her

Roman pays for Martha to go to a retreat and Jack has to swallow his pride for Martha's sake

Martha returns refreshed and buys a boat for Jack

Jack is shot dead by Angelo