The Road Towards the End


Leading up to the chilling season finale, we saw tempers fray and characters break down as the development site fiasco wormed its way into the lives of practically everyone in town. Now, as we say goodbye to Jack, we look at the events that led towards his death.

Protesters, workmen and paintbombs

Jack's first on-screen involvement with the development site was when he and Angelo attended the scene of an out of control protest. Arriving to find protesters and 'greenies' behaving in a rather uncivilized manner, he informed them that they were trespassing and would be changed if they didn't make a move. The warning left them undeterred, however, and the protest continued.

With the protesters finally off of the site and in the police station, Angelo suggested that they should charge those responsible for wounding a workmen with paint bombs but let the others go with a warning. Jack caught on straight away that Angelo was trying to avoid Belle getting charged for being involved with the protest and was quick to remind him that Lara wanted them to take severe action. Angelo then 'got back' at Jack by jogging his memory regards how lenient he'd been of Martha in the past, leaving him to agree with Constable Rosetta's plan.

jacklo2.jpgjack1ob2.jpgJack v Charlie

It was a while before Jack had anything to do with the site again but when it emerged that the possible presense of toxic waste could be causing cancer, he and Charlie were keen to get cracking in seaching the site after receiving a warrent. Arriving on the site, Jack was eager to ask Tim Coleman questions and had no qualms about telling him that no matter how much soil was dumped they would find what was underneath.

Meeting up with Martha later on, Jack told her that he would hunt down the people responsible for any toxic waste if it was proven they were to blame for her cancer.

Following Belle's attack, Jack had his suspicions that Angelo may have been responsible, while Charlie sided firmly on Rosetta's side. Jack's concerns were heightened further when he discovered Angelo was given an official repremend for using excessive force when he broke a protester's nose years ago. Charlie once again defended Angelo by saying that the incident occured shortly after he left the academy and was when he was probably out of his depth. When Angelo turned up at the hospital just after Charlie and Jack had asked a traumatised Belle who she thought her attacker was, Jack firmly told him to go home. Angelo was later charged with Belle's assault.

During an interview with Jack and Charlie, Angelo confessed that he did verbally threaten Belle earlier at the Diner but denied physically hurting her.

angelochargedsw1.jpgNobby, jewellery and AngryJack

Jack was furious when the soil sample results came back negative and said that if they were right, the whole case would be dead in the water.

Jack's interviewing skills came into force again when Eric Nobbs aka Nobby was questioned over a revolver and stolen jewellery found in his glovebox. The jewellery belonged to Belle, fuelling Jack's belief that Nobby was in fact responsible for her attack and not Angelo. Jack and Charlie then came to an agreement. If Nobby told them what they wanted to know, they would possibly cut a deal with him. Nobby gave them his version of events, which also fitted with Belle's recollection of events, and Angelo was told he was in the clear.

jack3ry2.jpg "You're an idiot. Did you really think Nobby was going to roll over that easily?"

When it emerged that Angelo's cousin John White posted bail for Nobby, Jack became curious, as his cousin didn't have any connection to the case. Jack got it out of Angelo that John did it on his behalf and asked him why he wanted Nobby out of jail. Angelo said he was convinced that Nobby was the best link to the development site and believed that he'd be able to bring Tim and the others down if he struck a deal with him. When he told Jack that Tim had skipped bail, Jack called him an idiot.

angelo2nl2.jpg jack4mf8.jpg

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Jack had to intervene during a physical scuffle involving Angelo and an unknown man who was thought to be out to kill him, with Jack later telling Angelo what he thought of recent goings on in his life. Jack's interest was immediately sparked when he discovered Angelo sent the soil samples away to the lab and told him that if he didn't send the correct samples and was dodgy as he suspected, he wouldn't help him any more.

In the tense final few moments of the season finale, Jack headed to the development site to investigate further suspicions he had. On the way, he stopped outside of Angelo's and saw him talking to someone (Tim) on the phone. Arriving at the site, Jack trailed closely begind

angelojackhg1.jpgAngelo, who was calling out "Tim, where are you?". After this a shot was heard. Angelo crouched down and quitely pulled out his gun, while Jack still watched behind the bushes. A second shot was then heard. After a few moments, a now totally spooked Angelo quickly turned around and shot twice. As he walked towards where he had aimed, Jack was seen laying on the ground. As Angelo approached him, he turned him over to find blood dripping  from his mouth, while his shirt was stained with blood from where he'd been shot through the heart