Where are they now - Abroad

Where are they now - Abroad

We've been trying to track some of our old friends from around the world and they've fairly got about for having spent some of their life a backwater like Summer Bay. Here we look at those who have left Australia and where they have ended up (at the apparent last time of hearing). If you feel with left anyone out, send a PM and we'll update the map in due course.

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1.  Mitch McColl
2.  Duncan Stewart and Roo Stewart

3.  Josie Russell, Tasha Hunter and Robbie Hunter
4.  Nick Smith
5.  Liam Tanner
6.  Casey Mitchell
7.  Travis Nash, Rebecca Nash and Donna Bishop
8.  Shannon Reed, Hayley Lawson and Scott Hunter
9.  Angel Broadhurst and Marilyn Chambers
10. Roxanne Miller
11. Edward Dunglass, Judith Ackyroyd and Peta Janossi
12. Nick Parrish